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Becoming a Meticulous Audience The evolution of news reporting is motivated by the movement of the digital era. Print media no longer dominate as the source of news information. From this old form of reporting, we are now in the era of mobile devices to obtain our daily dose of news. With the variety of options that we are given to obtain news, how can we ensure that what we are getting is news and not just gossip? How will we know that the SA news headlines we are consuming is drawn from factual events? It is best that we know what’s happening in South Africa, but which news source can we trust? Which informant is the reliable partner? News is important as it plays a vital role in our decision making. It is good to know the things that are happening in our surroundings for us to remain empowered. Media companies continue to offer different versions of Johannesburg news. To determine the most reliable news company in the market, consider the five pillars of news reporting. These values include accuracy, attribution, fairness, brevity and clarity.
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Accuracy is always on top of the list of every journalism ethics. It is imperative that every information collected is reported with accuracy. All facts should be right and that a news company should not hide behind the reasoning of time constraints for not checking their facts. Attribution is another value that pertains to giving credit to whomever credit is due. It is important that the media give credit to witnesses, the individuals involved and anonymous sources to make them more credible. Fairness is knowing that there are two sides of the coin and that it is important to know the other side of the story, and publish it to shed light to the bottom of the issue. Just because it is a breaking news in South Africa doesn’t mean that media companies continue to report about it for hours. Brevity is needed as not all audiences have the time to go over a very lengthy news. While being concise, news reporting should be done with extreme clarity so as not to confuse the audience. Ambiguities are a no-no in news reporting.
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Before choosing a trusted news portal, ensure that you keep the five pillars of reporting in check. With stiff competition, some media companies practice twisting news to make their headlines more noticeable to the public. Before becoming too engaged with any headline news, it is always best to start a little research and become an informed audience.